Steel is a material that is used, not consumed

STEEL - the sustainable material

Steel is a uniquely sustainable material because once it is made it can be used, as steel, for ever. Steel is infinitely recycled, so the investment in making steel is never wasted and can be capitalized on by future generations.

Steel is a material that is used, not consumed. Steel can uniquely claim to be the only truly recyclable material because when steel is recycled, there is no down-grading. The steel recycling loop is a true closed loop. It is recycled and used again, without any loss of quality, time after time. The investment of resources in making steel is not wasted because steel is not consumed.

Only truly recycled materials, which are never down-graded, but are used again and again with no loss of properties, can enable a sustainable future. The non-renewable resources used to make steel, like minerals and fossil fuels, are not wasted because the steel will be used forever. This is truly sustainable. (source: Tata Steel)

Steel is the most recycled material in the world

Unlike other materials, steel is only used – never consumed

Steel is not consumed because once made, it will be used again and again

Steel is a long-term investment that does not go to waste

Steel is the only truly cradle-to-cradle recycled material

Reduced Wastage

The effects of construction activity on waste production are enormous. The industry produces 109m tonnes of construction waste each year (24% of total waste), of which up to 13% is delivered and unused.

It produces three times more waste than all UK households combined. Although around half of this waste is reused or recycled, the amount that is simply disposed of remains alarming. (‘Construction and Sustainable Development’ Plain English, Constructing Excellence, Section 6, Page 1, 01/01/08.)

The use of offsite manufacture and automated through the use of design and CNC production facilities off-site reduces wastage with both the CALEDAN stud and track and primaframe systems to a negligible amount in comparison.

WRAP have concluded that through the substitution of a range of off site construction methods there is the potential to reduce on site wastage by up to 90%!

Local Responsibility

The CALEDAN manufacturing facility is based in the heart of the South Wales Valleys and wherever possible looks to resource directly from the local community providing training and well needed skilled jobs for the local community.

CALEDAN are very proud to source our raw materials and Manufacture/Roll in Wales for use in Wales. Other systems are typically manufactured outside of Wales and transported into Wales for local use.

Our local approach results in typically less transport, less fuel, less carbon production, less delivery time resulting in an altogether more sustainable and efficient package.

CALEDAN are very proud to source our raw materials and Manufacture/Roll in Wales