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The CALEDAN primaframe light gauge steel framing system is a load bearing wall framing system that offers rapid erection and completion. It is ideal for off-site panel construction, modular construction, house building and other multi-storey applications.

Fully load-bearing and non-load bearing panel options are available with a variety of service provisions to include flat packed panels, fully assembled panels and a full design service with installation via our approved network if required.

The Primaframe system is a unique fully engineered CALEDAN design which we firmly believe takes into account the vagaries of the UK construction market. The versatility of our rolling mills allow us to produce fully framed panels in 70mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm section widths and in gauges between 1mm and 2mm thick. This versatility allows us to provide a variety of solutions for both single storey and multi storey constructions with wall widths to suit both structural and architectural requirements.

our rolling mill facility is a british made cold rolling system specifically designed for the manufacture of our unique system


Accuracy and efficiency in production of primaframe is assured via the Vertex BD design software and our own uniquely designed British made cold rolling mill.

Vertex BD is primarily used as panel production and fabrication software It is a rule based framing software which automates the process of generating wall and floor panel fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, and other material reports. Vertex BD contains the functionality necessary for creating structural layouts and all necessary fabrication drawings where each component part is given a unique number for ease in assembly.

The software includes all the features for creating walls, doors, windows, roof, ceilings, and floors in 2D layouts and 3D models.

Full production is achieved via CNC link directly to the CALEDAN rolling mills.

Vertex is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software design tool for cold-formed steel / light gauge steel construction

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The Primaframe system is suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial applications. Additionally we firmly believe that Primaframe offers an unrivalled alternative for both traditional build and timber framed solutions in the self build homes sector.

comparison to masonry

  • Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any building material inc. masonry
  • Steel facades can be erected far more quickly than traditional masonry, particularly when considering the vagaries of the UK climate.
  • The building to a large degree can be weather proofed at an earlier stage allowing internal activities to progress thereby reducing programme times and expensive preliminary costs.
  • Steel Facades can be considerably lighter than masonry, sometimes reducing formation and foundation requirements.
  • Steel facades can provide far more accuracy in line and level than can be achieved in masonry or timber.
  • Steel being more ductile than concrete will provide more resistance to structural cracking.

comparison to timber

  • Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any building material inc. Timber
  • Steel is roll formed into uniform, precise shapes with exact tolerances for consistent material quality.
  • Steel Studs are straight. They don’t warp, twist, bow, split or have knots, which means straight walls and square corners.
  • Steel is dimensionally stable and will not shrink like wood, eliminating nail popping and wall cracking.
  • Steel does not rot, promote mould or mildew and is impermeable to vermin, termites and insects.
  • Steel framing can reach far greater spans than traditional or engineered timber, providing larger open spaces.
  • Stick for Stick, steel can weigh 50% less than timber.
  • Steel can be temporarily stored externally without fear of water absorbtion.
  • Steel Framing is not combustible and will not add fuel to a fire.


  • Caledan sections are supplied in standard widths of 70mm, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm
  • Gauges for the sections range between 1mm and 2mm
  • Suitable for fully load bearing and non-load bearing applications
  • Full stand-alone structural systems and complete constructions without the requirement for a hot rolled steel or concrete frame

  • Our unique rolling mill tooling arrangement allows for a flush finish wall profile which facilitates flush and flat fixing of sheathing boards or plasterboard linings
  • Window and door openings are easily designed and accommodated
  • Suitable for fully load bearing and non-load bearing applications
  • A variety of bracing solutions can be formed from the stud section and be incorporated within the wall structure

  • CALEDAN can supply primaframe in either ‘flat packed’ form or fully assembled panels. In either case fully identified Panel assembly drawings are provided
  • Lighter and much faster than traditional masonry construction and also typically lighter than timber frame alternatives
  • Reduced maintenance and far less shrinkage than traditional or timber frame construction
  • A rated under BRE green guide

  • load bearing and non-load bearing applications
  • window & door openings easily accommodated
  • variety of bracing solutions can be incorporated
  • lighter & faster than masonry / timber frames
  • full stand-alone structural systems
  • allows flush finish wall profile
  • ‘flat packed’ or fully assembled
  • reduced maintenance