• superior strength steel framing systems providing high quality, cost effective, flexible building envelopes

  • light gauge steel sections eliminate problems associated with

    traditional masonry or timber frame construction

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CALEDAN are a new company comprising of an amalgamation of old experience.

We design, Manufacture and supply Quality British steel framing systems (SFS) at budget prices.

Our design service is unparalleled, being founded on sound and warranted engineering principles with the assistance of the latest design BIM capable design software and years of practical experience. Support for your project can be provided by our experienced personnel through every step from conception to completion.

Our service provision is founded on our own robust design principles. These are applied to our own unique system which is a specifically engineered British system for UK conditions. Our manufacturing facility is based in Hengoed Wales.

our rolling mill facility is a british made cold rolling system specifically designed for the manufacture of our unique system


Based in Wales, CALEDAN was created to provide a ‘total building solution’ from design, manufacture and fabrication through to delivery and installation via our approved network of installers.

Off-site manufacture and a move away from traditional ‘wet trades’ has seen an increase in the specification and use of modular framed structures, including those made from steel framed systems.

Steel framing systems are a cost effective method of providing a building envelope and this construction method has been used in a number of high profile projects in Wales and the UK, including ATRiuM: Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries, WJEC’s new headquarters in Cardiff and Ferrara Tower on Swansea’s Meridian Quay.

CALEDAN’s cold steel rolling mill will wherever possible use locally produced steel, predominantly from Tata to provide a ‘made in Wales’ building solution that results in increased efficiencies, savings on logistics and a smaller carbon footprint.


CALEDAN steel framing systems are uniquely tailored to the vagaries of the UK climate. Both bespoke, and ready made, sections for our steel framed systems offer superior strength and durability.

CALEDANS steel frame systems are manufactured from high quality locally sourced steel. They are tailor-made to withstand the demanding Welsh environment as well as possessing exceptional strength.

Innovation in off-site manufacturing at our cold steel rolling mill enables the forming of steel metal sections which can create practically any bespoke product from a vast range of profile section sizes.

Because CALEDAN are a single source for the design, manufacture and Installation of complete SFS systems, we are able to react quickly and efficiently and deal with any changes without delay. Ultimately we are responsible for all aspects of the product from start to finish.


The CALEDAN ‘total building solution’ – the design, manufacture and fabrication process

  • 1

    Using the latest design software for light gauge steel framing, the sections are designed taking into consideration structural requirements, spans and wind loads to provide the optimum warranted design for complete peace of mind.

  • 2

    High quality steel metal strip, ranging from 1mm - 2mm thick, is loaded onto a decoiler and fed through an entry guide.

  • 3

    The steel strip is fed from the decoiler through a tolling station where various functions such as service holes and notches are applied.

  • 4

    The metal strip is then fed through to the forming rolls. Each roll incrementally changes the shape of the strip to create the required cross-section profile, with exceptional dimensional accuracy and a high quality finish.

  • 5

    The steel frame sections are cut into individual lengths. The panels are assembled ready for installation.

CALEDAN - made in wales