CALEDAN stud and track external walling for concrete or hot rolled steel primary framed structures.

CALEDAN stud & track is offered between section width 50mm – 250mm and gauge thicknesses between 1mm and 2mm.

Section sizes and tolerances

  • All dimensions in mm
  • Tolerances (unless otherwise stated)
    Profile ±1
    Angular ± 1°
    Straightness length /800
    Twist 1° per metre length
    Internal radii - typically 1.5t ± 0.5 where t = material guage thickness
  • All angles 90°
  • The profile dimension and angular accuracy shall be measured at a point not less than 150mm from the end of the section

reduced mass and quicker erection than traditional masonry envelope.


There are generally 2 methods of creating external walling using cold rolled stud and track systems in lieu of traditional type walling; Infill and Oversail:

the infill system

The infill system utilises stud and track to infill and extend between main structural members. The system replaces the need for masonry infill. The system will allow for structural deflection and provide a suitable backing for a range of common cladding/walling methods.

the oversail system

The oversail system utilises fixing cleats to extend Cold Rolled studs beyond the outer edge of the floor slabs. The advantage with this system can be the realisation of maximum floor space internally.


  • Fixed to either concrete or steel primary frame
  • Reduced mass and quicker erection than traditional masonry envelope
  • Early water tightness achievable sometimes removing cladding systems from critical path
  • A rated under BRE green guide
  • High levels of performance achievable with respect to thermal and air tightness